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NCPA – HSBC Music Workshop

July 3, 2023

Event Details

Understanding the intricacies of studio (audio) recording
A free online workshop on zoom by M.T. Aditya Srinivasan

With the advancement in the technology that is available today to record and reproduce sound, it becomes imperative for practitioners of music to have some basic knowledge about the fundamental principles governing the process of audio recording and reproduction.

This workshop will specifically deal with the issues related to recording of sound in the controlled environment of a studio, which is distinct from the behaviour of sound during a live stage-performance. The session is designed to introduce participants to various devices used such microphones, speakers, mixers etc., in the process of studio recording. The role and impact of each of these devices will be explained and demonstrated with the help of live ensembles of vocal and instrumental music.

Aditya Srinivasan is a sound engineer and percussionist rolled into one, who has been working with some of the best artistes in India, both live and in the studio. Besides mastering the art of tabla and percussion under the guidance of stalwarts, he has also studied rhythms in the Latin and flamenco traditions.

Being at the forefront of live streaming, especially during the pandemic, Aditya has worked on a method by which musicians from around the world can perform and record together live virtually from multiple remote locations.

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